Dental Cleaning

dental cleaning Dental CleaningA regular checkups and dental cleaning helps prevent infections, tartar and plague accumulation which aids in a having a healthy set of teeth. Proper oral hygiene shouldn’t limit itself to brushing and flossing the teeth and using mouthwash. Dental cleaning makes sure that the teeth, as well as the gums are healthy and if needed, become treated for gingival problems. Dental cleaning promotes white and healthy teeth, healthy gums and a better bite.

Dental Cleaning helps prevents:

  • Bad Breath - noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing, possibly a link to gingivitis and other tooth diseases
  • Tooth abscess - accumulated pus in the gums
  • Canker sores - are small mouth ulcers that cause disruption to both eating and talking habits.
  • Tooth decay - a soft, decayed area of the tooth
  • Pericoronitis - inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding an erupting tooth.
  • Thrush - a mouth infection caused by fungus

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